Is Your Organization a TARP or FRA Sec. 13 Fund Recipient for H-1B Filing Purpose?

  • 31 Mar

infoWhat is Federal Reserve Act Section 13 Funding, and, Is Your Organization Such a Recipient for H-1B Visa Petition Filing Purpose?

Last week, we posted an article regarding the announcement made by the USCIS regarding the implementation rules of the Employment American Workers Act (EAWA) as part of the economic stimulus plan that was signed into law by President Obama on Feb. 17, 2009. In that article, we talked about TARP Fund recipient employers as well as the employers who are recipients of Section 13 Funding under the Federal Reserve Act.

While the US government actually has a public listing of all TARP Fund recipients, there’s no public information on the listing of the FRA Sec. 13 Fund recipients, and we received quite a few inquiries on this FRA Sec. 13 funding topic. To help explain what Section 13 Fund under the Federal Reserve Act is and how it works as it may or may not apply to your organization, we are posting here for your ready reference the actual “Frequently Asked Questions” on Section 13 funding under the Federal Reserve Act by Federal Reserve developed in consultation with the USCIS.

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