Special Procedural Requirement on EB-5 “Green Card:”

Unique to this special classification within all “Employment Based” immigrant petitions, there is a special requirement or rather restriction on the initial approval of the “green card” under EB-5 and that special restriction is:

  1. The green card is valid only for two years, known as “conditional permanent residence”; and,
  2. Prior to expiration date, a new petition must be filed to remove the conditions.

Petition to Remove Conditional Residence:

Upon 90 days prior to the second anniversary of the investor’s lawful admission as a conditional resident, investor must petition for removal of conditional residence, or the alien’s residence card expires and becomes a “deportable alien!”

Immigration Documents and fees:

  • Form I-829
  • Alien registration receipt card (form I-551)
  • Filing fee $2,850
  • Biometric fee $80