EB-5 is generally divided into two categories:

1. Direct investments into a business

  • new enterprise
  • troubled business

2. Immigrant Investor Pilot Program (Regional Centers or “RCs”)

Direct investments:

Investment Requirements:

  • Investor must invest $1 million or in some cases $500,000 in targeted employment areas
  • The investment must be placed at risk for the purpose of generating a return on capital
  • Capital must be shown to have been obtained through lawful means
  • Enterprise must be of benefit to U.S. economy and create at least 10 jobs for full time employees
  • Investment must be in a new commercial enterprise or troubled business
  • Investor must be engaged in the management of the business

Immigration Documents and fees:

  • Form I-526
  • Cover letter summarizing alien qualification for EB-5
  • Supporting documentation
  • Filing fee $1,435

Investor pilot programs (RCs):

Investment Requirements:

  • All requirements for the RC programs are the same as direct investment type or ordinary EB-5’s, the only exception is the law allows for a more relaxed job creation requirement thus allowing entities to include such jobs which are created indirectly through the enterprise.

Immigration Documents and fees:

  • Same as Direct investment type with the addition of a copy of the official USCIS designation of the regional center through which the investment is made.

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