infoUS Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency makes many arrests on a daily basis and those arrests involve both illegal aliens in various raids or stops as well as certain legal immigrants that are being processed for deportation or removal on various grounds.  On average, there are about 30,000 immigrants, documented or undocumented, a day who are in the ICE custody or detention.

Although ICE has its own facilities, many of those immigration detainees are actually housed in various jails and prisons around the country under contract with either local law enforcement or private facilities.  There are over 250 immigration detention facilities around the nation that currently are holding immigration detainees and trying to locate a family member or a client among all those facilities has always been a headache and a challenge for both the families and the immigration lawyers.

Not any more!

ICE has recently created a search tool on its website similar to one used by the Federal Bureau of Prisons (FBP) and users can search the immigration detainees either by name or the “A-number,” as an effort, schedule to be effective today, by the government trying to make the detention system more humane and transparent. 

The web link is here:

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